What good is having a great product if you can't get it to your customers when and where they need it?

Team Work Distribution

Does coordinating your current distribution network give you a headache?

We've got the cure. You can offload the management and monitoring of your deliveries to our Distribution Division with a fleet of 200 trucks at your disposal.

SCHAD is the Agent and logistics partner of DHL Global Forwarding in the Dominican Republic, providing quality and cost effective Full Container Load (FCL), Full Trailer Load (FTL), Less Than Trailer Load (LTL) Distribution, Consolidation and Home Delivery services to multinational and local companies.

Our Distribution Services team of over 40 professionals provides customer focused and reliable service to customers in the Pharmaceutical & Medical Products, Food & Beverage, Retail, Industrial, and Consumer Product Industries.

Our company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and our unique relationship with customers is based on:

ISO 90001:2008

  • Understanding our customer´s local distribution requirements in order to add value
  • Mutually established & agreed upon performance metrics
  • Quarterly performance reviews to evaluate service and implement continuous improvement
  • Assuring your cargo is monitored during transit and delivered according to the Service Level Agreement and Standard Operating Procedure we mutually agree to.
  • Meeting our customer´s Safety, Health, Environment and Security standards
  • Our combination of local and global logistics expertise that applies best practices to improve the supply chain performance of your business in the Dominican Republic
  • In addition to providing customers a complete range of distribution services, our ability to offer customers the value of an integrated supply chain with "one-stop shopping", including air & ocean freight forwarding, customs house brokerage, warehousing and value added services.

Distribution & Related Services we provide:

  • Trucking from the ports and airports to our Distribution Center or customer´s destination
  • Full Trailer Load (FTL) and Less Than Trailer Load (LTL) nationwide distribution
  • Express delivery to Hospitals & Pharmacies
  • Home Delivery from the country´s largest retailer stores to final customer
  • Container chassis leasing
  • Cross-docking
  • Transportation management

Value We Provide Our Distribution Customers:

  • 1 Variable cost pricing
    avoid investing in fixed distribution costs (drivers, trucking fleet)
  • 2 Synergies
    in warehousing & distribution with other customers
  • 3 Relationship
    between service levels and costs
  • 4 Possibility
    of only one point of contact for all logistics services
  • 5 Scalability- easy and immediate
    (increase or decrease volumes or scope of services)
  • 6 Implement best practices
    from global operations
  • 7 Information/Visibility
    Immediate with proven logistics platforms
  • 8 Focused on continuous improvement
    (ISO 9001:2008)
  • 9 Meet
    Safety, Health, Environment & Security standards
  • 10 Allows clients to focus on core business
    grow your business profitably
  • 11 Optimize customer service levels 
  • 12 Flex distribution capacity
    Increase/reduce capacity during peak/low seasons

Our Transportation & Distribution Infrastructure Includes:

  • Transport Terminals
    • LTL Consolidation Center
    • Container & Chassis depot
  • Fleet of over 200 trucks

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