Does your supply chain slow you down?
Can you benefit from a more responsive, agile supply chain?


SCHAD can help you optimize your service and costs by providing efficient and cost effective Customs Brokerage featuring expedited customs clearance that will allow you to improve service levels and reduce cargo in transit. We box_magnifying.gifcan help you avoid extra customs duty and expedite cargo delivery with a Customs Brokerage Consultation.

Our Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokerage team of over 100 professionals provides integrated logistics solutions with door to door personalized services, allowing our customers to focus on their core business can help you avoid extra customs duty and expedite cargo delivery with a Customs Brokerage Consultation.

We provide service at all the main ports and airports in the Dominican Republic, resulting in a national Customs Brokerage network with extensive service capabilities.



Our company is ISO 9001:2008 certified
Our relationship with customers is based on:

ISO 90001:2008

  • Mutually established & agreed upon performance metrics
  • Continued monitoring of customs clearance times
  • Quarterly performance reviews to evaluate service and implement process improvements

Value we provide our Customs Brokerage customers:

  • Efficient & cost effective service: Optimize service and costs to final customers
  • Expedited customs clearance: Improve service levels & reduce cargo in transit
  • Streamlined customs process: Avoid extra customs duty and expedite cargo dispatch
  • Flexible and full service team: Meet your service needs during peak season
  • Variable cost service: Reduce your fixed cost structure
  • Experienced & responsive team: Facilitate your work process & optimize supply chain


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